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20/twenty Challenge - 6 April 2014

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How Your Fundraising Helps

Did you know that cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood? In fact, every 15 hours an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy. No doubt you've heard of:

  • Down Syndrome = 81 babies born each year JessikaKelderman Client JayneKelderman Mother NorthEast 2007
  • SIDS = 100 cases each year
  • Childhood Cancers = 284 diagnosed annually
  • Hearing Impairment = 297 babies diagnosed annually
  • Cerebral Palsy = 740 cases diagnosed each year.

That's almost as much as all of the others put together.   

The severity of cerebral palsy differs from child to child but almost all children with cerebral palsy need some form of equipment. Sadly some of these children will wait up to 18 months to receive it.

Every dollar you raise will go directly towards reducing this waiting time by purchasing life changing equipment.

We believe that no child should have to wait for life changing equipment. Especially when equipment can often reduce the physical and mental strain on the families of children with cerebral palsy.

Your support of 20/twenty may help a child:

  • Take their first steps (through use of a walker)
  • Tell their mum that they love them for the first time (using a communication device)
  • Allow for a pain free sleep (due to the provision of a sleeping aid to reduce pain)

The NSW Department of Health is responsible for funding equipment of people with a disability via the ENABLE scheme. The shortfall in ENABLE funds translates into real pressure on people living with cerebral palsy in crisis and it is on us to do something about it. The waiting periods in the past have been up to two years, leading to an inefficient use of resources with clients needing additional assessments once funds are released.

Over the last thirteen years, your support has gone a significant way towards meeting the needs of these families in crisis, reducing the wait for equipment by approximately six months. You've also helped create an equipment loan pool, so if families no longer need a piece of equipment (for example if their child has grown out of her walker) it is returned to and reallocated to another family. This means your support continues to help families for years to come.

Thanks to your support we truly are changing children's lives.


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