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Meet Christopher

Christopher has severe cerebral palsy and was not expected to survive birth, he has defied all the odds and has just turned three. Christopher faces hurdles every day and endures pain and discomfort. He can’t sit up, speak or even regulate his own body temperature. He has low vision and is severely developmentally delayed.

Christopher’s parents, Pam and Tom, have experienced the highest highs and the lowest of lows since their little superman was born in March 2014. As a young family they have overcome more in three years than most people ever will.

Christopher loves hugs, the beach and friendly faces. He surprises his parents every day with his bubbly personality, infectious smile and his extraordinary progress.

Christopher had outgrown his existing standing frame as it could no longer support his 11kg weight. His mum Pam had to constantly sit behind her son and hold him upright to prevent him slumping forwards.

Christopher had been waiting 8 months for a new standing frame, the cost of which was $6,715. This was simply too expensive for this young family to afford.

Thanks to the generosity and support of 20/twenty participants, Christopher was able to receive his new standing frame.  This new frame will ensure Christopher is safe and secure, it will also provide essential support to allow Christopher’s hips and muscles to develop, helping to increase his strength and reduce his daily discomfort.

The 20/twenty Challenge gives children like Christopher the opportunities that come from having the right equipment that fits and supports their needs at the right time.