James Sullivan

I'm taking on the 20/twenty Challenge to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance

I am taking part in this event to raise funds to purchase much-needed mobility and communication equipment for children living with cerebral palsy who currently remain on an extensive waiting list and I would love to have your support!

This specialised equipment often costs thousands of dollars and without the generosity of people like you, many children would simply go without.

Your donation will go towards equipment like:

Standing frames - so that a child can put weight on their legs to strengthen their bones

Specialised wheelchairs - to allow a child to sit upright and go on outings with their family

Communication devices - to allow a child to say their first words

Having the right piece of equipment at the right time means the world to these children and their families, who need this specialised equipment just to do the everyday things that most of us take for granted. 

Please help us reach our team goal of $8,000.

Thanks so much for your support! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jacqui Wisemantel

Not quiet $500 James...but do I still get a signed photo????



Go hard James. It’s a great cause.


Moo Tman

James you are an inspiration to all sedentary overweight middle aged men. Great work.


Anthony Saad

go hard Lurch!




Mick Ryan

Good cause...


Sak Vuki

Ratu James, you are my inspiration!!


The Scanos

Good luck with the training James



You are the wind beneath my wings


Martin Ballesty

Not going to lie, need to work on marketing next year as your bonus figure was a deterrent






James, its lucky we have such a fine specimen like you to take on these challenges; all for a good cause.


Tina Brunton


Daniel Bateman

Good luck Mr James!


Craig Culnane


Peter Cooke

Get your wife to make that noodle salad as your performance food. Good work mate, Pete, Carolyn, Lewis and Dot x


Mark Butler



Chloe Viney

Good luck again!


Peter Stephens

James, you are my hero, life coach and inspiration which is a bit weird seeing as I am 15 years older than you......



I can tell you have been in training James....looking good!


Luke Wilson

Some better pre-event meal planning for next year bigman. Well done.


Fiona Carrall



Good luck, Jamesyyy! I am proud of the support and work you are doing for the Cerebral Palsy community!


Craig Brennan

James, at least bouyancy won’t be an issue for you on the swim leg. Please, for the sake of everyone on the beach DO NOT WEAR SPEEDOS!!


Paul Battikha

Lucky you have that massive winged keel to guide you around the swim leg. Good luck my friend.


Samantha Peterson

Best of luck! Remember to use your “girl power”! Luv the Petos


Denise Williams

Great cause.


Matt Coffey


Bryan Norrie

Go well coach! Love Bryan and Jess


Louise Lawrenson

Good Luck!


Erin Smith

On ya, boy!


Simon Breen

Just once I’d like you to beat the boat back🤪


John Phillips


Jessica Jansz


Catholic Education Diocese Parramatta

Good Luck! Fortior Ito What an amazing Feat!


Keren Ashby


Sean Delaney



Louis Bortoluzzi

Good luck Sully!