Paul Bellantonio

I'm taking on the 20/twenty Challenge to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance

I am taking part in this event to raise funds to purchase much-needed mobility and communication equipment for children living with cerebral palsy who currently remain on an extensive waiting list and I would love to have your support!

This specialised equipment often costs thousands of dollars and without the generosity of people like you, many children would simply go without.

Your donation will go towards equipment like:

Standing frames - so that a child can put weight on their legs to strengthen their bones

Specialised wheelchairs - to allow a child to sit upright and go on outings with their family

Communication devices - to allow a child to say their first words

Having the right piece of equipment at the right time means the world to these children and their families, who need this specialised equipment just to do the everyday things that most of us take for granted. 

Please help us reach our team goal of $8,000.

Thanks so much for your support! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


John Won

You inspire me.


Tru Blu Beverages

Good luck in the 20/twenty Challenge


Cath And Ryan Cunningham

Good on you Paul!


Sharice Bellantonio

Go babe!


Nate Dunn

I trust the team will be rocking the budgies!


Sam Wicks

Nice one Paul!


Andrew Coppin

Good Luck with the event and the fundraising ! Im sure you will smash both !


Patrick Abrahams

Good luck and well done for doing this Cheers Patrick



Good luck Paul. See you at the finish line.


Danilo Cremasco

All the best this weekend and I hope the old body holds up ...