Team Crawford LG

We're taking on the 20/twenty Challenge to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance

We're taking part in this event to raise funds to purchase much-needed mobility and communication equipment for children living with cerebral palsy who currently remain on an extensive waiting list and we would love to have your support!

This specialised equipment often costs thousands of dollars and without the generosity of people like you, many children would simply go without.

Your donation will go towards equipment like:

Standing frames - so that a child can put weight on their legs to strengthen their bones

Specialised wheelchairs - to allow a child to sit upright and go on outings with their family

Communication devices - to allow a child to say their first words

Having the right piece of equipment at the right time means the world to these children and their families, who need this specialised equipment just to do the everyday things that most of us take for granted. 

Please help us reach our team goal of $8,000.

Thanks so much for your support! 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Jeff Keane

Faster !


The Discos

You better win Tonal otherwise there will be trouble bro!!


Allied Timber Products Nsw

Glen, great to here you all got across the line.


Dr. Stephen



Good luck Boys - 003


Lawmans Frame & Truss

Good Luck


Akd Softwoods

All the best and good luck Glen


Glen Donegal


Allied Timber Products (qld) Pty Ltd

Good luck with the event. Great cause - well done.


Anthony Onsley


Team Col Crawford Col Crawford Suzuki

Tony, thanks for all your support , supporting us and supporting CPA. Good luck in the race you multi times winner. Col Crawford Suzuki


Col Crawford Bmw

Glen, good luck with fundraising and the race. Chasing another "Classic" win!! Thanks so much for your involvement with the Ocean Alley donation!! Go hard!


Morgan Shaw Advisory

Fantastic committment to a great cause. Best wishes Tony, I know you will give of your best, as always.


Gary Waters

good luck Les


Bruce Nicholas

A Podium finish



Champions! All of you! Best of luck.


Miff James And The Ceo

Les and the team. Well done again!


Andy Teece

Good luck Glen and team


Peter Raptis

Well done Tony and team for being involved with this.


Ashley Fenton


Ben Metcalfe

Good luck Les


Stephen Crawford


Tracy Morgan

Great work Tony!!


Ian Hansen

Great cause. Good luck with your fundraising effort.



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