Franklin is a sweet little boy that has been through so much. Since his birth in April 2017, brave little Franklin has been back to the the hospital over twenty times for treatment and procedures. 

“We expected a normal birth without complication, we didn’t expect seizures, resuscitation, or 20 hospital visits in less than a year. James had visions of kicking a football in the park or playing cricket at the beach.

We never expected that our little boy would have cerebral palsy. How you envisage your child’s life is ripped from under you.”

What Franklin needs right now is a Wizzybug.

It’s like a first powered wheelchair and lets a child like Franklin explore the world around him. 

“A Wizzybug will help Franklin develop his sense of space and his ability to navigate obstacles via a switch. We call it a switch because pressing it does one thing, not pressing it does nothing. The cause and effect relationship from learning to use a switch will help him operate a powered wheelchair and communications devices in the future."

Sadly, there’s just no way Sarah-Ann and James can afford the $12,940 to have one of their own but without it, his brain development won’t progress as quickly as it should.

Thanks to the generosity and support of 20/twenty participants, Franklin was able to receive his Wizzybug. The first time Franklin tried a Wizzybug he ran away from his mother, and then ran back towards her for a kiss. It was a moment of freedom and independence that this little boy had never experienced before. Franklin’s face lit up doing all the things that little boys do.

20/twenty gives children like Franklin the opportunities that come from having the right equipment that fits and supports their needs at the right time.

Franklin's Wizzybug